Barons Contract Furniture supplies and manufactures contract furniture for the healthcare and nursing home/care home industry. Our aim is to deliver quality furniture to help improve living environments and provide total peace of mind. We are totally committed to meeting in full our customers’ requirements and to continual improvement.

We are committed to establishing and reviewing the Quality Objectives of the Quality Management System (QMS) and communicating these to all members of staff so that everyone can understand our vision and aims.

In order to ensure that all work is of the required quality of service to our customers, the policy of the company involves all employees, sub-contractors and the objectives are communicated as widely as possible. Practical assistance and training is given, where necessary, to ensure that knowledge and experience is acquired for the successful implementation of this policy.

This policy will be fulfilled through the adoption and implementation at all times of the Quality Management Systems and Processes required by BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and other relevant statutory requirements.

I fully endorse the contents of this Quality Manual. It is issued with my authority and adherence to the Quality Manual and Management Processes are mandatory for all staff. This policy statement is a controlled document and cannot be copied unless I authorise it.

Authorised by:

Garry Smith, Managing Director