Barons Contract Furniture supplies and manufactures contract furniture for the healthcare and nursing home/care home industry. Our aim is to deliver quality furniture to help improve living environments and provide total peace of mind. We are totally committed to meeting in full our customers’ requirements and to continual improvement.

It is the policy of the Company to aim for continuous improvement in its environmental performance, and where possible to take action to prevent pollution at source, taking into due consideration, business objectives, employees and the local community. In particular, the Company will:

1) Meet and where appropriate, exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation, and where no regulations exist, we shall set appropriate standards.

2) Establish objectives and programmes for the reduction and control of discharges to land, waste disposal, energy and fuel use.

3) Increase the proportion of waste materials that are re-used and re-cycled.

4) Implement systems for environmental control and improvement, which include the clear definition of responsibilities and objectives.

5) Maintain the necessary procedures to deal promptly and effectively with any environmental emergencies.

6) Ensure that our fabrication work minimises the impact on the environment.

7) Ensure that the local community and interested parties are kept informed with relevant information.

8) Train relevant staff in environmental matters to enable them to participate in the above controls.

9) Review suppliers to ensure they meet acceptable environmental standards and that they supply from sustainable sources where possible.

10) This policy is displayed on our website.


Authorised by:

Garry Smith, Managing Director