Barons - Coronavirus

Barons takes the health and well-being of its shareholders, staff and customers very seriously. The coronavirus threat has caused us to put measures in place to protect everyone connected with Barons.

We have made a number of changes to ensure we can continue delivering the outstanding level of service our customers have come to expect. Our teams are busy both prioritising personal safety and concentrating on meeting delivery targets.

Below is an overview of our operational policies and the specific actions we are taking to limit the spread of the virus:

  • Our coronavirus action plan has been activated.
  • We are placing an emphasis on hand washing and good personal hygiene.
  • We have made hand sanitiser, tissues and cleaning products available for our workers to use.
  • Any team members who display symptoms will be sent home immediately to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Our sales office team is working from home if need be so we can ensure we continue to provide you with our normal level of excellent service.
  • Virtual appointments are available to demonstrate our products and fabrics.
  • Meetings are available off-site to reduce the risk of contamination to residents.
  • Virtual showroom facilities are available.
  • Dedicated members of staff are available to assist scheme managers.
  • Anti-microbial fabrics are available for both upholstered furniture and soft furnishings.
  • Hygienilac anti-microbial spray is used in the manufacture of our furniture providing protection for you and your residents.
  • Our express delivery services are continuing where possible (10-day turnaround on all express orders).
  • A new delivery protocol is in place to minimise the risk to your staff and residents.
  • Deliveries are available to reception areas or alternative locations.
  • We are maintaining excellent supply chain relationships.
  • Our robust business continuity plan has been amended and reviewed to ensure that Barons remains viable throughout these uncertain times.
  • We have reduced production of new furniture to help safeguard our staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Special offer and in-stock items are still available - enquiries should be sent to the sales@baronsfurniture.co.uk email address.

These policies and actions are subject to change, based on the turbulent situation both in the UK and abroad. We are committed to protecting all personnel and will follow all official announcements and advice from government and healthcare professionals.

Please check this page regularly for updates on Barons’ coronavirus policy and any changes or updates.

For more information about Barons’ response to the coronavirus epidemic, please contact our team on 01253 741940 or send your enquiry to sales@baronsfurniture.co.uk today.